Tourism Experience Design

“From basic service to meaningful experience”

  4 – 6 days

Target Group: Local authorities and local Tour Operators/ Travel Consultants


In a world of material abundance people are increasingly driven by a search for memorable experiences and meaning. Conventional tourism products and marketing strategies are no longer enough in these so-called “experience” or “meaning” economies. As a customer and/or employer people want to be inspired, feel emotions and live meaningful experiences.  This requests a new entrepreneurship logic wherein inspiration, experience and meaning as well as the customer himself play a central role. Tourism services and products should be designed to transform the lives of the customer, and customers are increasingly willing to pay an extra cost for this. But how do you do this?

Departing from current trends and challenges within the sector, this training will address insights and competences necessary for tourism product developers and destination managers to improve and add meaning to tourist’ experiences. Through a varied and interactive program, participants will learn how to create (more) WOW-experiences within their tourism sector and how to do this at no- or low-cost, and through the creation of intelligent and efficient public-private partnerships.

Main Sessions:

  • Tourism trends and opportunities
  • The Visitor-Centered approach and the Customer Journey Canvas
  • Building blocks for WOW experiences within attractions, activities, accommodation and access
  • Designing memorable experiential tourist products
  • Setting up intelligent public-private partnerships & action planning for the future

Recent references:

  • 3-day workshop to 9 touroperators and tourguides, Mozambique – 2013
  • 5-day workshop to 5 touroperators and tourguides, Peru – 2013
  • 2×5-day workshop to 37 touroperators and teachers, Malawi – 2012


  • “I was not taking care of what the customer really wanted. I was only looking for profits for the company. Now I will make packages from the customers point of view and take into account their experience before, during and after their journey. I will teach my staff how to do these things well and this will help growing our business.” by Ana, manager of Kyknos Travel Tours, Mozambique
  • “This course is 100% recommended to other professionals. The most important is the focus on the clients expectations and experiences. I will brief my colleagues in the office about what we have learnt. And I will not forget to apply the ‘after-experience’ of our tours.”, Telu, tourconsultant and transport coordinator at Dana Tours, Mozambique
  • “It was a good experience for me and I had the opportunity to know how to organize our packages here in Mozambique and how we can design a tour according the special needs of each tourist. In my daily work this workshop is going to help me to discover more attractive things that can make a tour more interesting.” Elídio, consultant and director of Zmelia Travel, Mozambique
  • “No se vende el producto, sino las emociones: Men moet niet het product verkopen, maar wel de emoties die eraan vasthangen”, Marlene, Peru
  • “Buenas formas para el aprendizaje, participativo y con muchos ejemplos que se pueden captar rápido, nuevo para la región de Ayacucho: goede methodieken, interactief en met vele direct herkenbare voorbeelden, nieuw voor de regio van Ayacucho”, “El conocimiento de turismo alternativo y vivencial en Ayacucho es interesante y Uau, Huau, Wow …: Het leren kennen van (mogelijkheden voor) alternatief en inleeftoerisme in Ayacucho is interessant en Wow, Wow, Wow”, Flash, Peru

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