Tour Leading/Guiding = SMILES Management

Duration: 6-8 days (depending on pre-knowledge of target group)

Target Group: Tour Leaders,  Tour Guides, Tour Developers


In essence tour leaders are the principal interface between tourists, the attractions and the local community and environment. They are often the first to give the general impression of a destination and are highly responsible for the overall satisfaction of customers. In a sense, a tour guide can make or break a tour.

In order to properly guide tourists through a destination tour guides therefore need to have the necessary knowledge and skills. But what exactly are the areas where the tour guide has the most added value in the 21st century?

Departing from current trends and changes within the sector this training addresses the biggest challenges for the successful tour guide and teaches how to manage the SMILES of the customer. To do so, Tour Leaders need to tell their stories (S) appropriately, continuously adapt their tours to the moods and motivations of their tourists (M), develop the necessary intercultural competences (I), create local experiences (LE) and responsibly mediate the socio-cultural, ecological and economic sustainability of touristic encounters with the local community and the natural environment (S).

Main Sessions for Tour Leaders/Guides:

  • torytelling
  • Motivations and moods of the tourist
  •  I ntercultural Competences of the Tour Leader
  •  L ike-a-local: setting up local networks and partnerships
  •  E xperience design
  •  S ustainable tourism, the role of the Tour Leader
  • MGMT: Basic tour management skills

Recent references:

  • 2 week training ‘Tour Consulting’ included the training Tour Leading, 18 trainers, Mozambique – 2013
  • 7-day training Tour Leading, 25 trainers, Vietnam – 2012
  • 2x 7-day training Tour Leading, 61 trainers, Malawi – 2010-2011


  • “As a teacher I will apply almost everything to my students. I will share the knowledge with my colleagues who didn’t have this opportunity and if I get the chance to open my own tourism consulting company, I will apply this knowledge.” Farai, teacher in tourism at Instituto Comercial de Maputo.
  • “I will translate this course to my own course for my students and I will try to apply this methods in my daily work.” Muchanga, teacher in tourism at Instituto Comercial de Maputo.

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