Strategic Tourism Destination Management

Duration: 6-8 days (depending on pre-knowledge of participants)

Target Group: Network of key stakeholders within a tourism destination: i.e. national or local authorities, private sector representatives, community leaders, civil society, media, etc…)


In order to strategically manage a tourism destination one should answer a set of 7 fundamental questions and do this continuously:  (1) What is your destination about, really? (2) Who are your target groups and what memories are they looking for? (3) What’s your promise? (4)How can you improve your tourist product? (5) How can you manage the visitor? (6) How can you maximize the positive and minimize the negative tourism impacts? and (7) Who do you need for this, how will you get them involved and how will you build and strengthen their capacity?

This training provides participants with a toolkit of methods and techniques to systematically answer these questions. Through a combination of case studies (good and bad practices) and interactive exercises participants are guided to develop a list of necessary strategic actions for the destination and prioritize them into a proper Strategic Tourism Action Plan.

Main Sessions:

  • Destination Identity & Visitor Profiling
    -> Defining DNA & Target Groups
  • Tourism Attraction System
    -> Tourism Product Development Action Plan
  • Visitor Management & Impact Monitoring
    -> Visitor Management Action Plan & Impact Monitoring Action Plan
  • Positioning the destination: developing a brand
    -> Destination Marketing/ Brand Strategy Plan
  • Stakeholder mapping & Capacity Building
    -> Capacity Building Action Plan
  • Linking different plans and prioritizing actions
    -> Strategic Tourism Action Plan

Recent references:

  • 1-week course to the management team of Dong Van Karst Geopark, Vietnam – 2012

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