New marketing Opportunities and Social Media for Tourism SME’s

Duration: 2 day workshop in group + face-to-face follow up and implementation

Target Group: Communication Managers and SME’s within the Tourism Sector


Travel and tourism marketing isn’t the one-sided method it used to be–today’s travelers are relying more than ever on word of mouth. In response, the tourism and hospitality industry is turning more and more to social media to promote its services and to engage customers in a more personal way. Here’s why: 40% of online travelers visit social networking sites to influence destination selection; 70% of consumers trust online recommendations while only 14% trust advertisements; 50% of European travelers are forecast to use a smart phone to find travel information and/or make reservations by 2015.
At the same time this evolution gives smaller SME’s in tourism the opportunity to compete with bigger enterprises and engage their customers directly without to many intermediaries, which in turn leads to more local economic benefits within the destination.
But many of them lack the foundation that allows them to use these tools effectively. When done properly, social media can be cost-effective and extremely beneficial in building brand awareness and creating a buzz that spreads faster and further than any marketing tool before it.

Main Sessions for Professionals & SME’s:

– Social media as a tool for Customer Service Design & Communication/Branding
– The “Social” in Social Media
– Conversation Management
– Social Media opportunities BEFORE the travel experience
– Social Media opportunities DURING/AFTER the travel experience
– Overview of Tips & Tricks for SME’s
– Communication Strategy Planning
– Practical Sessions

Recent references:

  • 1-week training to 18 touroperators, Malawi – 2012

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