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ESF ‘CAFÉ HERMAN, A Great Good Place in Town’*

Some immigrants or minority citizens want a second chance in their new homeland, and aspire to become their own boss whatever their status or reasons for emigration. A small shop or café/ restaurant are among the first and most accessible choices to start a business.  The low economic weight of migrant retail shops and restaurants however call for a ‘different’ success story.  ESF-CAFÉ HERMAN is changing the rules of public service delivery to stabilize and further develop much needed multicultural retail shops and small restaurants in Flanders’ towns and municipalities.


  1. Civil servants usually play by the rules and follow procedures. CAFE HERMAN invites them to move from outsider to insider, and to invest in relationship building. An insider has firsthand, material knowledge based on “how things really work”. As an insider, the public partners’ task is in the backing thereby maximizing the use of measures, training and financing facilities. This approach is developed and underpinned in Tool nr 1: TEAM HERMAN
  2. Multicultural retail has low status in Flanders, and is often marginalized. CAFE HERMAN invites shopkeepers to challenge customers looking for new experiences with ‘community’ enriched products and services in a stimulating, trendy and joyful atmosphere. The goal of tool nr 2 (POWERED BY CAFE HERMAN) is socio-economic empowerment and the creation of a new, uncontested market place. For the host city, the deployment of a creative economy has positive impact on investment and employment.
  3. The OBSERVATORY-CAFE (tool nr 3), is a new style meeting place where civil servants reflect on the transformation of services to minority entrepreneurs, and suggest changes for high impact service delivery to minority entrepreneurs.* working title with apologies to Herman Van Rompuy, EC Chairman 2013.

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Café Herman Instrumenten:

Instrument 1: TEAM HERMAN

Instrument 2: Unieke klantenbelevingen ontwerpen