“19/03/2014:  The European Commission has selected the project ‘Innoguide Tourism’ as 1 of the 20 good practice projects in the field of sustainable tourism developments.”

Innoguide Tourism is a leonardo development of innovation project in the lifelong learning programme. This project has developed an e-learning platform for tourist guides and training centres focusing on 3 modules; sustainable tourist guiding, intercultural and European tourist guiding and experiental tourist guiding for EQF or .

Welcome to the Innoguide platform:

This website provides you with a bunch of teaching materials on the topics of experiential tourist guiding, interculturality in tourist guiding and sustainable tourist guiding.

innoguide from Soon on Vimeo.

Tourist guides work in a local, regional, national and European context. They can play a very important role in the European integration process in increasing the understanding of the different cultural backgrounds and by promoting the European identity. They can also increase the awareness of the tourists regarding a sustainable tourism for the future of Europe.

The Innoguide project involved 10 partners in 8 European countries (Belgium, Norway, Hungary, Spain, Italy, France, Malta and Netherlands) interested in:

  • making a comparative study of the training programmes for tourist guides in the partner countries. They will be compared on level (EQF norm), duration and content. The outcome will support the development of the new training modules.
  • developing 3 training modules (and 3 trainers’ manuals) in English for teachers of tourist guides and for tourist guides (in training) studying at level 4 or 5 of the EQF. The modules will focus on sustainability, intercultural skills and creation of (LLL-) experience.
  • establishing a platform for sharing of the experiences to ensure active continuation.

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